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90 AED

Endurance 14 is a premium Power & Protein muesli for horses in endurance sport. These horses make long-term, strenuous efforts and need an appropriate performance-oriented diet to support them. The feed quality, energy source and protein level have a direct effect on muscle strength, speed and endurance. 
Endurance 14 has a unique composition to support long-term effort:

  • A special formula of starch, oils and fibers for a controlled and uniform long-term energy supply .
  • Many high-quality proteins (14%) and amino acids, in combination with extra Vit.E and Selenium for optimal muscle development and recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • With banana flakes (tasty and rich in electrolytes) and extra minerals for a good moisture balance and nerve and muscle function.
  • With dried garlic; which acts as an essential antioxidant to purify the blood,  supports homeostasis and helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Contains Gastro + to promote good acidity and to protect the stomach wall .
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Brok is one of the 'parade horses' in the HAVENS Horse Feed range and has been a household name for many years. It is a natural sport and performance product, made up of many grains (oats, barley, corn, wheat), alfalfa, bran and linseed oil (especially good for skin, hair and mucous membranes). Lots of available energy (high starch content), Low in protein (but good quality proteins such as alfalfa protein), Ensures perfect condition Contains all necessary vitamins and minerals and lots of biotin