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EquiForce Lyte

EquiForce Lyte

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250 AED

Highly concentrated electrolytes with added chelated trace elements and powerful antioxidants. Provides optimal electrolyte and fluid balance and an effective protection of the horse´s muscles hence providing increased stamina, larger thirst, and faster recovery during/after hard exercise, transport, competition or race.
daily dose: 
10 g per 100 kg horse, corresponding to 50 g to 500 kg horse. In case of very large and heavy sweat losses an increased volume of 20 grams per 100 kg in 2-3 days will be beneficial.
packaging :  5 kg.


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EquiForce Foot

500 AED

Concentrated and easily absorbed biotin supplement with MSM, vitamins, brewer’s yeast, essential amino acids and chelated trace elements. Ensures restoration of healthy and strong horn. Recommended in case of brittle, porous and soft horn, frequent abscesses, poor horn growth, and laminitis. Due to the slow growth of the horn it is recommended to use the product for at least 6 months. However, clear improvements in the horn quality can be seen already after 1-2 months of use. daily dose:  horses: 15 g (1 scoop), ponies : 7,5 g (1/2 scoop). packaging: 1 kg / 3 kg.  


EquiForce Oil

350 AED

  Feed supplement that is rich in energy and essential (omega 3-6-9) fatty acids. Very suitable for horses in hard work, horses with poor overall condition, poor skin/coat, and immune system, horses prone to digestive problems (constipation and colic), as well as horses with poor appetite. EquiForce Oil is also ideal if you just want to reduce the total amount of starch in the diet or increase the total energy in the diet without feeding extra grains. daily dose:  horses: 2 - 3 dl, ponies: 1 - 2 dl. packaging:  5 liters / 10 liters.    


Equiforce Complete

450 AED

Based on alfalfa, seaweed, natural spices, and flavours. Contains solely coated vitamins and organic (chelated) trace elements for the highest nutritional value and a prolonged shelf life. Completes and balances a cereal ration with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also very suited for horses who only need a vitamin and mineral supplement or graising horses as well as an extra supplement when  feeding with inferior quality roughage. Packaging: 9 KG