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Havens mix grass



HAVENS MIX is a high quality chaff of timothy grass (Phleum pratense), Lucerne (medicago sativa) and a blend of linseed products (linum usitatissimum). MIX can be perfectly used to upgrade your horse’s diet (proteins, amino-acids) and to increase the eating time (mixed with concentrate feed). The high fibre content promotes chewing which helps saliva production, an important part of the digestive health. A well chewing horse is a happy horse.  Linseed is a natural source of omega acids.   Free of molasses, grains and grain by-products Source of high quality lucerne-proteins and amino acids Optimized ca/ph ratio Low sugar (7.3%) and starch (2.4%) content; fits in a diet low in non-structural carbohydrates Linseed and linseed oil provide valuable omega acids   Feeding guideline: A bale (15 kg) is divided into 10 portions of 1.5kg each, and thus easy to dose. HAVENS MIX is an excellent choice to add to all sorts of concentrate feed and can be used as a partial or complete forage replacer. Due to its ideal ca/ph ratio, no limits apply to the feeding quantity (unlike Lucerne)