Abu Dhabi: Mandara Equestrian Projects

Mandara Equestrian Club in Al Shahama, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, has after a long search turned out to be the perfect facility to run our horse assisted leadership seminars at.

The stable combines all the requirements for a professional training:

  • A shaded indoor arena with climate control – a must if we want to offer these seminars all year round.
  • Various outdoor arenas to work outside when the weather is nice
  • A beautiful café with professional service, fresh and healthy food from their own nearby farm, and with TV and projectors in a separate seminar room.
  • And of course: great people and horses!

The horses

The horses are our most important asset in horse assisted education – they are in fact our partners and co-facilitators.

Although pretty much any sound horse will behave like a horse and hence give us the learning we want – we cannot expect a horse that is dealing with it’s own problems, that is unhappy and worried, to be 100% focused on us and our clients.

At Mandara, we have partnered with Ride to Rescue and are lucky to work with a group of great rescue horses.
Some of these horses are too old to be ridden, but have a lot of wisdom to share. Read more about each horse here.

They give back the love and care which they are so grateful to receive, as some of them have had a hard life before they were taken in by this rescue project.

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