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Havens Basis Sport Brok

60,00 د.إ
The Basis-Sport cubes is a popular all-round ‘Non-Heating’ conditioning feed. The cubes are oat free and very suitable for horses

Havens Cool Mix

80,00 د.إ
Cool-Mix is a specialty feed with easy digestible proteins from alfalfa and with extra spelt wheat. This healthy muesli has

Havens Dravers Brok

75,00 د.إ
DraversBrok is one of the oldest HAVENS products and the number one bestselling feed. It is a fully balanced sport-

Havens Endurance 14

99,00 د.إ
Endurance 14 is a premium Power & Protein muesli for horses in long-distance performance These are horses that really have

Havens Fecto Lac 3

99,00 د.إ
Gestating and lactating mares need not only nutrients for their own body, but also for the growing and developing foal.

Havens Gastro+

90,00 د.إ
Gastro+ is a nutritionally complete feed with a high specification of amino-acids, vitamins (i.a. 400mg Vit.E), and trace elements; providing your (sport)horse

Havens Lucky Horse Cookies

25,00 د.إ
A tasty but healthy treat for horses containing 100% natural cereals, minerals and 500 mg extra Vit.E.

Havens Natural Balance

99,00 د.إ
No added sugars and completely free of molasses. That helps horses who are prone to laminitis, summer itch ad insulin

Havens Opti Grow

105,00 د.إ
Especially during the first months of their life, foals go through a large growth and therefore need high-quality food to

Havens Performance 14

99,00 د.إ
Performance 14 contains banana flakes and extra electrolytes to maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and neural activity. It is very

Havens Slobber Mash

99,00 د.إ
HAVENS Slobber-Mash is a very palatable diet-muesli, rich in vitamins and fibres, with purifying action. It consists of flaked cereals,

Peer Span

45,00 د.إ