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All Energy Booster

75,00 د.إ
An Energy Boost for sport horses delivering brief and powerful performances. Booster: 30ml

Alsabook Leather Soap

60,00 د.إ
Removes the successive layers of wax and gives back to the leather its original appearance. For cleaning dirty and incrusted

ATP Pro Energy

300,00 د.إ
Horses are athletes who regularly has periods of intense physical activity and often met with difficulties in maintaining high levels

B Complex

225,00 د.إ
Protects general health and supports productivity Stimulates metabolism Decreases the risk of fatty liver (disease)

Best Hoof Oil with Brush

75,00 د.إ
BR Hoof Oil, with lanolin and bay leaf oil, stimulates healthy growth of the horn and improves the quality of

Best Hoof Ointment

250,00 د.إ
Favorite Features The combination of laurel and thymol effectively helps to protect against hoof diseases Vaseline forms a water-repellent and

Body Builder

325,00 د.إ
Promotes growth and maturity in young horses, helps under-conditioned horses to gain needed weight. Safe for pregnant mares, decreases incidence


250,00 د.إ
This is the only clinically proven formula for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)/heaves or small airway disease. This product strengthens

Calm Booster Paste

75,00 د.إ
Paste is easily absorbed and fast-acting – and just the right size to keep in the tack box or glove


150,00 د.إ
It is common for horses to lose large quantities of fluid and electrolytes during transportation, exercise and stressful conditions. Unless

Curium Oil

50,00 د.إ
Nourishing and softening leather oil. Contains cleaning and conditioning elements that penetrate the leather to make it soft and waterproof.

Dermoline Iodine Shampoo

225,00 د.إ
Dermoline Iodine Shampoo For External Use