ATP Pro Energy

300,00 د.إ
Horses are athletes who regularly has periods of intense physical activity and often met with difficulties in maintaining high levels

B Complex

225,00 د.إ
Protects general health and supports productivity Stimulates metabolism Decreases the risk of fatty liver (disease)

Body Builder

325,00 د.إ
Promotes growth and maturity in young horses, helps under-conditioned horses to gain needed weight. Safe for pregnant mares, decreases incidence


250,00 د.إ
This is the only clinically proven formula for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)/heaves or small airway disease. This product strengthens


150,00 د.إ
It is common for horses to lose large quantities of fluid and electrolytes during transportation, exercise and stressful conditions. Unless


250,00 د.إ
Top-rated herbal blend using natural herbs for all breeds of horses.  Natural support for your horse’s immune system to stop the itch. 

Equiforce Oil

350,00 د.إ
By replacing some of the very starchy feed (grains) with EquiForce Oil, the horse’s muscles can be “trained” to increase


200,00 د.إ
Gastro is a 100% natural feed supplement comprising of Ascophyllum nodosum and Lithothamnium which provides a formulated balance of vitamins

Joint and Tendon

250,00 د.إ
Joints allow the limbs to bend and the back to flex. Synovial joints are the joints of principal interest as


150,00 د.إ
Recovery EQ Regular Strength If pain is the problem, RECOVERY is a potent solution that targets the root causes of


140,00 د.إ
Liquid contains high-quality magnesium and can help to keep your horse relaxed even in a stressful situation. Ideal for sport