350,00 د.إ
Electrolytes are minerals dissolved in the blood and tissues of the body, which carry a positive or negative charge and

Emma Life

350,00 د.إ
Mineral lickstone -100% without preservatives I This high-quality natural salt possesses an extraordinary wealth of minerals and trace elements, is

Equiforce Complete

350,00 د.إ
EquiForce is a series of highly concentrated feed supplements with proven results. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, including natural

Equiforce E+

400,00 د.إ
EquiFroce E+ is a concentrated natural vitamin E with added chelated selenium, magnesium, and 6 amino acids that support and

Equiforce Foot

550,00 د.إ
Healthy hooves are a prerequisite for a healthy and functional horse. Hoof problems can result in poor performance of the

Equiforce Lyte

275,00 د.إ
Highly concentrated electrolytes with added chelated trace elements and powerful antioxidants. Provides optimal electrolyte and fluid balance and an effective

Euro Horse Himlayan Salt

10,00 د.إ
Himalayan Salt Block. Horse Feed Supplements

Garlic & More

225,00 د.إ450,00 د.إ
Garlic & More is nature’s goodness packed into one special supplement. It is a complete, powerful unique blend of garlic,

Havens H-Licks

25,00 د.إ
For all living organisms, salts, minerals and trace-elements are of vital importance for the general health and functioning of blood,

Muscle First

450,00 د.إ
Muscle First Contains a blend of high quality amino acids and primary proteins for the production and protection of muscle