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Equiforce Foot

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Healthy hooves are a prerequisite for a healthy and functional horse. Hoof problems can result in poor performance of the horse and allows the horse owner many worries and additional blacksmith expenses. Hoof problems is a complex issue which, in addition to a skilled farrier, requires the input of a wide range of essential nutrients, such as special vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, etc. for the best results. Biotin is only one of the building blocks that are necessary for the growth of healthy horn, hence a supplement of pure biotin without the necessary aids, often only have a limited effect on the hooves. EquiForce Foot is a concentrated and easily absorbed supplement that contains all the nutrients and building blocks in the correct ratios needed to develop and maintain strong and healthy hooves. A single daily dose delivers an entire 75 mg of biotin, and additionally high doses of MSM (organic sulfur), brewer’s yeast, essential amino acids, vitamins and easily absorbable chelated trace elements.

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